Touch Screens

Touch Screens

Want to get interactive with your displays? Use touchscreen technology to elevate your presentations or marketing campaigns, or turn it into a functional tool to be used in business and education environments.

  • Tablets
    We supply both Android and iOS tablets. These come loaded with specialist software for control systems, presentations and small scale digital signage.
  • LCD/LED large multi-touch screens
    Add advanced interactivity and responsiveness to your campaigns with our range of touch-based systems. Ideal for all types of corporate campaigns, digital signage and interactive promotions.
  • Window glass
    Transparent film overlays can be placed behind glass in the retail, entertainment or hospitality environments to enable touch interaction — even when your venue or store is closed.

To really grab your audience’s attention, we can combine overlays with powerful LCD/LED monitors and projection systems.

Tell us what you need and we’ll devise your solution.

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