Ranging from simple projectors for meeting rooms all the way up to THX-certified 4K cinema projectors, we have a range of systems to suit your needs.

Projectors and screens can be installed discreetly, enabling you to easily transform rooms at the touch of a button for presentations and viewings.

Front projection

From tiny, hand-held projectors, to table-top units, through to ultra-high brightness auditorium systems — we supply hundreds of models from the best brands.

We couple these with the correct choices in screen technology and projector mounts, so your audience always get the optimum resolution — avoiding fuzzy or skewed projector images.

Rear projection

For when a large screen image is needed and front projection isn’t possible.

Take care when specifying rear-projection systems — ambient lighting becomes a factor. Feel free to contact us for advice on recommended projectors and screen material.

LED options

Ideal for long-term lighting requirements (LED projectors give 20,000 hours of use compared to 2,000-3,000 hours from traditional technology) when you need to minimise the risk of lighting failure. Plus they’re environmentally friendly, using up to 90% less energy.

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