Outdoor Screens

Outdoor Screens

Need an outdoor screen in pixel-perfect colour? Want constant high-quality image reproduction, whether under engineered lighting or in bright sunlight? Looking to attract audiences from near and far?

We deliver stunning outdoor screen solutions for all uses.

Wall mounted

Commonly used in outdoor TV and outdoor digital signage applications.

Can be stand-alone, or in an enclosure. We factor in ambient lighting and sunlight to ensure your screen has the maximum impact.


Enables screens to be deployed in any location. We can add touchscreen technology, built-in computing and wireless internet — eliminating the need for extensive infrastructure works.

We offer:

  • Experienced technicians
    We specialise in long-term installations or short-term pop-ups.
  • Versatile solutions
    Customised to suit your outdoor environment, whether in a serene park or harsh urban environment.
  • Solid, rugged build
    Our outdoor screens are waterproof, damage-proof, and weather-resistant. Installations come with secure connections that resist condensation and moisture, ensuring everything works smoothly.

Intuitive software
You’ll find it easy to edit and update your displays with our technology.

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