Lighting Control

Lighting Control

Want integrated, seamless, intelligently programmed lighting throughout your building?

Control 4 technology gives you complete control — with one touch. The touchscreen controller can be configured to your requirements. And it’s easy to use and program.

We can replace, upgrade or supplement your existing equipment. You get lower bills, increased peace of mind, and the ability to set moods, room by room.

  • Save money and energy
    You can set lights for maximum energy efficiency, for example using motion sensors that detect when people enter and leave.
  • Adapted to your room dimensions
    Start with just one outlet or switch and add more wherever you want.
  • Customised lighting
    Personalise your lights and create your atmosphere.
  • Retrofit
    We can transform your standard light switches and outlets into a smart lighting solution.
  • Remote management
    Operate your lights from anywhere you have an internet connection.

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