LED Screens

LED Screens

LED screens deliver your messages with maximum impact, captivating and inspiring your audience.

They allow true, zero-gap, modular displays of any size or resolution, even curved or custom-shaped with the highest brightness of any technology on the market.

This makes it perfect for showing lots of information to large audiences, for example at conference centres, airports, promotional or educational events.

Starting at €10,000, an LED screen is an investment which benefits significantly from the local backup and support that Logic AV provide.

We offer:

  • Expert installation
    Our technicians will set up and test your LED screen for optimum results. Factors that affect your screen include the angle, viewing distance, and resolution.
  • Outdoor service
    Let us take the hassle out of outside screen installation. We weather-proof your screen, protecting it from the elements and avoiding sun glare.
  • Powerful software
    It’s easy to edit and update your displays. We’ll show you how to manage your messages screens, either individually or collectively.

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